Lets Get Spiritual – Top Tips For Unleashing Your Spiritual Side

Top tips for unleashing your spirituality | A Little Bit Of Goodness

You've got an amaze spread of crystals on your bedside table to replicate the gorgeous alter you saw on Insta. You're a dedicated yogi, hitting up Bikram at least twice a week for a good sweat and throw in some Vinyasa to show off the Lululemons you snagged on sale. You have your astrology emailed to your inbox on the daily and track when the next full moon is.

Sound familiar?

Ok, so you're going through the motions and have all the kit but are you actually feeling anymore spiritual? Be honest… Well good news is you're like, a quarter of the way there to transforming your life because these tools are super powerful, you just have to get to know them a bit more to get the most out of them. Luckily these great tips will show you how!



Spirituality for me started probably when I was 11. On a family holiday, I stumbled across a pink little crystal book in some random beach side town book store and became obsessed instantly. I had a pretty difficult childhood so when I found this book which told me I could repel negative energy with black onyx and attract love with rose quartz, I made it my mission to obtain these stones and start manifesting like hell. Sure, in my naivety I took the books to heart probably too hard but I was clinging to these little stones like they were my last ray of hope, getting me through some really tough times.

Each stone has its own unique vibrational traits that work with your energy. You probably know what your stones vibrational traits are, but also think about your vibrations right now and how they interact. What 11 year old me needed were stones to get me through a pretty loveless period. These days I'm in a solid relationship with the most caring man I've ever met, but I have big ups and downs emotionally and physically so my key vibrational needs are about balance and clarity.

I'm not saying you should go and buy more stones either if you've just gone and googled your crystal's traits and done an internal “ahhhh f$%k”. We're drawn to crystals in the same way we're drawn to smells for example. You might looove the smell of anchovies but your friend actually thinks there's something wrong with you because she can't stand it! We're all individual and unique in so many ways, but definitely vibrationally! So take a moment to reflect why you might have been drawn to your crystals.

Now! You're ready to go. Because spirituality is all about looking inwards for answers. You have your crystals, you're holding your needs at the forefront of your mind now and you have just realised an intention of wanting to manifest change using the help from the energy in your crystal. So get on girlfran! Sit with your crystals softly in your hands and think lightly on where you want to be and how to get there. Be gentle and take the time, answers will come in due course. It's a practice that will be different every, single, time you do it and sometimes even requiring crystals for different days.


This takes me to your physical practice! Stop using yoga as just exercise. Like seriously. Right now. It is so much more than that. Yes it has amazing health benefits but stop using it as a tool to measure yourself against others, aka stop killing yourself trying to get into a pose that Amanda Bisk just seems to float into! Gaining flexibility is a great goal, but yoga is a practice for connecting the body and mind in a way that nothing else really can. Focusing on the wave of breath is meditation 101 and yoga always starts and ends with this. Calming and centering your mind is super key to getting in touch with your inner self, where your intuition is sitting waiting patiently for you to come hang.

Most of the yoga you're probably used to is the actual movement for the body along with the breath. This is where it gets tricky as so many of us tend to hold our breath when things get hard – and I don't just mean physically! You have to let go and ride the wave of the breath. When you're next silently screaming in your head at the yoga instructor for making you hold a certain pose for way too long, just think “let go”.

Let go of your breath, the tightness, the pain. Surrender to it. And that's when you'll have your spiritual break through with yoga.


There is seriously nothing more mesmerising to me than seeing a full moon. I could stare at it for hours. Doesn't it just make you feel so small in a big world that your mind kind goes “woooaaaahh mannnn” in a heavy Californian accent?

So you should because the moon is super powerful. During it's cycle, it pulls on the oceans, literally the biggest mass on our planet, affecting us and all the other organisms on earth in a gazillion ways. Woah.

So if this iddy-biddy moon can do all that, think about what all those other massive planets in our solar system can do. This links back again to the energy I mentioned with crystals, but on a much bigger level. If you've ever had your birth chart done it'll show you how, at the precise moment of your birth, all the planets are aligned and can scarily pinpoint your personality traits and give you some intense insight into yourself. Everything in our world is connected through energy. Something to keep in mind, just sayin'…

Again, as with your crystals, you and your energy are unique. This also rings true with how you interpret literally everything. From your daily horoscope, to how your date with Steve went (who you couldn't STAND, dumped right after, then found out two months down the road is engaged...ugh what is she THINKING!?!).

Horoscopes aren't meant to be black and white. They're meant to give you general information on how the planets are aligned so you can work out just how this might affect your energy given what you know about yourself from looking inward. It also gives you opportunities to work on certain areas of your life given these planetary movements and their pull on those parts of your life.

So Let's Get Spiritual!

The underlying theme in all of this is that you need to spend some time looking IN in order to gain clarity on how to look OUT. Use all your tools to help you look within, as you'll find once you get there that all the answers and everything you will ever need in life are within you.


Want to read more from Monique? Check out her blog Well Spells for more great content.



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