How To Have a More Productive Work Week

It’s 10:00AM on a Monday. You’re sitting at your desk fully prepared to tackle the hefty to-do list you’ve set yourself, pumped up from the #MondayMotivation photo’s flooding your Instagram, when all of a sudden distractions creep in. Before you know it your brains feeling foggy, your motivation is dwindling and the productivity you so desperately needed is long gone. Sound familiar? Productivity is something we all need in our careers, but it’s not always easy to achieve on a weekly basis. If you have a big deadline coming up and need an extra push to get things done, take a look at our productivity tips to get you through the week.

A Little Bit Of Goodness - How to have a more productive week

Prioritise the biggest tasks

While it’s true that starting the week with that colossal task you've been dreading is a sure fire way to make your Monday blues even worse, doing so can benefit you massively in the long run. Think about it this way - the sooner you get the boring stuff out the way, the higher chance you’ll be left with the fun stuff by Friday, and they don’t call it Friday Feeling for nothin’!

Get some quality sleep

The quality of your sleep has a huge impact on your productivity. You might think 4 hours and 4 coffees before noon is enough to keep you going, but getting less than 7-8 hours sleep the night before work can really mess up your cognitive performance and concentration. If you struggle to get some quality rest, read our tips on how to get a better night's sleep.

Be an early bird

However heartbreaking it can be (especially during the freezing winter months), prying yourself out of bed a little earlier than usual could work wonders for productivity levels. Having time to eat a healthy breakfast and even fit in a bit of exercise can leave you in the right state of mind for the day ahead. You might even find the time to start work a little earlier, and we all know how handy those extra 15 minutes can be!

Stop multitasking

Sure, your role might well require you to work on more than one job at a time, but that doesn’t mean you should literally have three tasks on the go. Trying to juggle multiple tasks at once means non-stop distractions and more often than not, poor quality of work. Give yourself a dedicated window of time in the day for each task, and feel how satisfying it can be to make your way down your to-do list. 

Take regular breaks

This doesn't just mean your lunch break. Taking short breaks of 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day is key to maintaining the right amount of focus. Try working on a task for an hour and then moving away from the desk to chat to a colleague or make a cup of tea. You'll feel refreshed, less distracted and could even head back to your desk with a fresh new idea. 

Do you have any more tips on how to boost your productivity? Share with us below!



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