Dr Lauren – The Feminist Psychologist You Need On Your Feed

Since discovering U.S based psychologist Dr Lauren’s Instagram account I’ve discovered a gateway to insights and knowledge I’ve been longing to find.  Dr Lauren is like the cool, ‘no questions off limits’ auntie we’d all love to have.  Not only is Dr Lauren debunking mental health myths but she’s liberating every female she reaches in the process.

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Her account is a source of endless inspiration, “where we learn to manage our mental health symptoms so we can stand in our power and change the world”.  Dr Lauren explains how women have been pathologized from the beginning of time.  “We’re not crazy, we’re human.  We’re not the problem, we’re the solution”.  A theory which supports the de-construction of social norms which have kept women repressed throughout history.

Dr Lauren is passionate about de-stigmatizing and normalising caring for our mental health, advocating women getting radical with their own being in the relentless pursuit of self. In her weekly live streams Dr Lauren replaces agony aunt with empowerment agent as she addresses topics ranging from anxiety and low self-esteem to relationship advice.  Through affirming that all emotions are part of the natural human condition, she offers a refreshing take on what it means for girls and women to care for their emotional health.

Not only does Dr Lauren have your back where matters of the mind are covered but also the body and spirit too.  She is an advocate for mood regulation and expression through exercise and dance, encompassing holistic teachings from ancient eastern philosophy into her work.

Dr Lauren gives girls and women the encouragement to embrace who they are and who they came here to be.  “Success is not dependent on what career you choose.  Success is dependent on you choosing you.  Then bringing all you are into all you do”.  As Dr Lauren says in her Ted Talk below, we each are a piece in the universal puzzle and it’s our job to make it count.

Watch Dr Lauren’s Ted talk here

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