How To Beat The Sunday Blues

It’s 5pm on a Sunday, and after a fun and relaxing weekend, you notice that familiar feeling creeping in — the Sunday blues. Even the most career focused, love-my-job types can fall victim to this phenomenon when the end of the weekend draws near. For many, it’s caused by dread of what’s to come in the week ahead, or feeling a sense of guilt that you’ve wasted your two days off by not doing all those ‘my weekend’s better than yours’ activities. Sunday’s can even cause the occasional mini existential crisis, leaving you questioning your existence after Netflix asks if you’re ‘still watching’ for the third time in a row. If you fall under one or more of these categories and are looking for ways to keep things positive this Sunday, read our ideas on how to escape the dreaded Sunday blues.

Ways to beat the Sunday blues

Get motivated

Instead of dwelling on the negatives of the week ahead, move your focus towards how you can make the new week amazing. This could mean getting super organised with a strict schedule, making some fun plans with friends, or anything that makes you motivated and excited. You’ll find that the more you enjoy your week, you’ll reach the weekend in no time!


Plan fun activities

They don’t call it #SundayFunday for nothin’. Provided you’re hangover free from Saturday night, make an effort to plan some fun ways to spend your day and night. Gather some friends or family together for a bite to eat or a day out, or if no one’s free, take yourself out to the cinema or on a shopping trip. 

Treat yourself

You’ve had a long week, so before another one begins make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work! Spend some time having a ‘hygge’ moment, and light some candles, put on a face mask and snuggle up with some tasty treats. Recently we were lucky enough to try some of the incredible luxury chocolate truffles from Diggle Chocolates, and would wholly recommend these for making your Sunday ten times better! Our favourites were the tangy sour raspberry skulls, AKA heaven in a white chocolate shell. If you need some inspiration on simple ways to look after yourself, read our 10 quick self care ideas.


Get an early night

On top of everything else, Sunday has a habit of wreaking havoc on our sleeping patterns. If you often find yourself tossing and turning by 1AM after a weekend of lie-in’s, take some steps to try and get an early night this Sunday. Set up a little bedtime routine for yourself to help you unwind an hour or two before you hit the pillow. For ideas on how to get a better sleep, read our tips to help you wake up refreshed and ready for whatever Monday throws at you!



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