6 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Around

All of us have bad days every now and then - it's a normal, inevitable part of life. But rather than spending the rest of your day dwelling on the negatives, it's time to take advantage of all the little feel-good moments that can work wonders on your mood. While these things might not offer a miraculous cure when you're feeling low, they're still worth incorporating into your day! Here's six simple things you can try to turn a bad day around.

A little bit of goodness - How to turn a bad day around

Take a scenic walk

If you have the time, take ten minutes or so for a quick walk somewhere pretty. If you live or work in the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre, this could mean heading to the nearest artificial garden or street that's nice and quiet. The exercise should get your endorphins pumping and boost your mood. And if not, it's nice to feel active nonetheless!

Phone a friend

If your day isn't going as planned or you're feeling particularly blue, it won't help to distance yourself from your social circle. Even phoning or texting a close friend for a casual chat can cheer you up and make your day feel worthwhile. Online therapy can also be a good idea for those who'd rather talk through deeper problems with a professional. 

Make your favourite meal

What better way to improve your day than tucking into your favourite meal? Treating yourself to a tasty helping of your most loved food is one of those simple pleasures that you just can't beat. For bonus feel-good impact, try adding some superfoods into your meal for a healthy boost!

Watch something you love

Been wanting to re-watch Sex and the City for the 7th time but feel like you're verging on obsessive? Put those recommendations aside for the new series you ‘just have’ to watch, and indulge in some good old comfort TV. It's been at least a year since you watched it, anyways.

Treat yourself

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, that new lipstick you want, or even that brownie you were eyeing up in the shop window you passed this morning. Give yourself a little gift for being such a fab person *insert nail painting emoji here*.

Plan tomorrow

Just because today didn't go exactly as planned, that's not to say the rest of your week will be the same. Plan ahead to make the following days extra special, whether that involves making a schedule, planning a fun get together or prepping some delicious meals.

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