10 things to remember when you move to a new city

At some point in your life, there may become a time where you feel completely obliged to hurry off somewhere new. It may be that your backpacking venture is vast approaching, or perhaps you’re tearing yourself away from your parents humble abode. These 10 tips are guaranteed to help you take off to a new place and start calling it home in no time.


It’s perfectly normal to be overly excited one day and when you arrive have a melt down. (embrace your emotions)


So you have said your goodbyes and finally you have arrived at your new life. Don’t try and swallow your emotions. It’s okay to feel completely overwhelmed and also acceptable to feel underwhelmed. Your emotions will be up and down in an unknown place. Cry it out, laugh it off  and go and grab a coffee until you feel somewhat normal again.


Give yourself a break (after your breakdown)


It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the admin that comes along with moving away. Finding a job, searching for a place to live ect. Don’t forget to give yourself a break and by that I mean stepping away from your search engine for at least a day or so. You aren’t a machine.


Say yes to saying YES!


You’re a week in and your social life isn’t what you thought it would be? Start saying YES! Understandably it’s terrifying going on a group road trip with a load of people you don’t know. But that’s what leaving home is all about. Ditch the excuses and say yes to new adventures.


Don’t forget your bff’s from birth.


Make time for your old gang. Social media and FaceTime make it so easy to connect nowadays. Schedule in a time to chat with your old pals. Maybe you are feeling homesick and your friends know exactly how to cheer you up. It’s a no brainer.


Stop blinking. It will be over before you know it.


Don’t whatever you do watch the clock and wish all of your time away. Each day, week and month will bring you new opportunities. What you don’t want is to head home with heaps of regrets. Even if you have a crappy time, try and see the humour in it.


Document your daily weirdness.


People often find therapy in jotting things down, so why not start a journal? Write down the good the bad and the ugly. If that isn’t your thing then try blogging or a photo journal to record your new life. You will thank yourself later when you are trying to remember your journey.


It’s okay to get lost.


Pick a nice day, wake up early and head out into the city to explore. Yes, you might take a wrong bus in the rain and have a cry. But who cares, you will be the only one who knows about it.


Don’t sacrifice your values to please strangers.


This one can sometimes crop up with the peer pressure of finding friends and fitting in. Just remember if hanging out at a rave until 6am isn’t your thing then let that be it. Still be open to new things but if doing something is making you unhappy then it’s simple, don’t do it.


Bumble isn’t just for hook ups.


This little app is perfect if you find yourself working 9-5 with no time to socialise. There are lots of guys and girls all in the same position as you and they are all swiping right on BBF mode.


You can have more than one home.


Don’t feel guilty if you start enjoying your new home more than your old one. That’s why you moved away in the first place right? To find a million different places you like to call home. If you haven’t got there yet, then why not take a trip back. There’s nothing like revisiting the past to make you appreciate the future.



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